Books Are Boring


November 2018

Tonightman with Special Guest Chris George

Tonightman and Jacob talk to the great Chris George.  They discuss The Moblees, Reign, and Ransom. They also play a fun game of, “Whose Beard is Better,” and have a bubble blowing competition. Special thanks to Cody Crain, Colin Morey, and Damien Doepping Background photo by Victor Pek


Ep. 88 – Cranberry Dessert

This fine week Trevor and Dave gleefully make a cranberry dessert. They argue over what type of dessert to make, ask Siri where to bury a body, explain how to make iced cream, and fly to a chocolate factory. Then, they accidentally steal a brick of a suspicious white substance. It’s another crazy episode of the Books are Boring podcast! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram @thebooksareboringpodcast or on Twitter @booksRboring or Theme song by Chris Vandenberg. Send your questions to

Tonightman With Special Guest Damien Doepping (again)

Tonightman and Jacob bring back Damien Doepping to discuss podcasting and acting and Elon Musk. They also play a fun game of ball and paddles, and a quick round of the hit game, “I’m kidding!” Will Damien finally murder them? Watch to find out Special thanks to Cody Crain and Colin Morey Background photo by Victor Pek

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