Books Are Boring makes podcasts, videos, produces original theatre pieces, and is a bunch of other stuff.



It’s Dave and Trevor and sometimes a guest.  They go adventures and sometimes they just drink.


Books are Boring has produced two plays both premiering at the Toronto Fringe Festival.

If It's Not Too Much Trouble Poster

In 2014 If It’s Not Too Much Trouble a play written by Trevor Poelman which premiered at the Toronto Fringe Festival in 2014

It takes place in the living room of the Davis family as the three Davis children, and an overwhelmed boyfriend, set up for their parents 25th wedding anniversary. It is quickly understood that it’s not at all about the parents as each of them are trying to solve their own problems before the guests arrive. The play is funny with just the right amount of heart —  you know the type of heart where it’s not so much heart that it makes you sick but also not so little heart that you say, “hey, where was the heart?”

Here’s what the critics had to say:

“The formula is specific and easily disastrous but Trevor Poelman has absolutely found a way to keep it together while keeping it fresh and, together with his company,  Books Are Boring, he’s presenting his glorious comedic accomplishments.” – Newborn Theatre

“If It’s Not Too Much Trouble is a lovely piece of feel good theatre. You won’t regret going to see it.” – Mooney On Theatre

“Thoroughly Engaging.” – The Theatre Reader

” Playwright Trevor Poelman knows his way around a punchline and has a good ear for the sort of pop-cultured infused dialogue that made shows like Veronica Mars and Buffy the Vampire Slayer so distinctive.” –  The Charlebois Post

MythsAndCoffeeCups POSTERDRAFT-1

In 2016 they produced Myths and Coffee Cups also written by Trevor. tells the story of a father and son as they chat over coffee one afternoon.  They discuss everything from tapeworms, to time travel, to the meaning of eternity – it’s both hysterically funny and heart-wrenchingly moving. The play featured tremendously talented film and stage actors Bob Legare and Damien Doepping.

The play was on the shortlist for the new play competition and was loved by audiences.


Jeff is Dead Movie Poster

Books are Boring’s first venture into web-series was their co-production of Jeff is Dead. The story of two friends who have one simple goal, to make a movie to impress girls and get famous and make money.


The newest series Tonightman with Trevor Tonightman is about late night talks show recorded in a bedroom and hosted by an idiot. It’s had many incredible guests who can do much better than this show.

The Books are Boring boys have also created a number of YouTube sketches.

dave and trevor

Trevor Poelman and Dave Stoneburgh work on most of the stuff but we are constantly working with a number of awesome people.

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