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people watching

Tonightman with Special Guest Natalia Bushnik

Tonightman and Jacob welcome the incredibly talented Natalia Bushnick to talk People Watching, The Bathtub Girls, the law, Suing Fountains of Wayne, and the boys talk about their favourite vacations. They also play a fun game of musical bench. Guy who had a hard days work played by Cody Crain Special thanks Colin Morey, and Damien Doepping Background photo by Victor Pek

Ep. 64 – Worst Episode Ever

Dave and Trevor attempt to improv a story and fail miserably. They have no clue how improv works, they don’t listen to each other, and it’s like neither of them have heard a story before. Enjoy… it’s fun. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram @thebooksareboringpodcast or on Twitter @booksRboring or Theme song by Chris Vandenberg. Send your content warning or questions for your hosts to

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