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Tonightman with Special Guest Kjartan Hewitt

Tonightman and Jacob are joined by the great actor Kjartan Hewitt. They discuss, Scott Pilgrim, Capote, Clusterfuck, and working with Mark Wahlberg. They also discuss who smells the best, hunting humans, stealing things from sets, and they play a really fun game. Special thanks to Chris George, Cody Crain, Colin Morey, and Damien Doepping Background photo by Victor Pek

Ep 25 – Classrooms and Vampires with Steffi D

Steffi D. joins Trevor and Dave in a classroom. Mrs. Stoneburgh takes them through lessons and quizzes where they eventually find out who can pass. They discuss Come From Away, Crawford, Canadian Idol, and jokes you shouldn’t tell. Steffi also reveals a deep dark blood sucking secret. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram @thebooksareboringpodcast or on Twitter @booksRboring or Follow Steffi on instagram @SteffiD5 and twitter @SteffiD3. Theme song by Chris Vandenberg. Send your content warning to

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